Support in allegations and concerns
How are we different?

Allegations can happen to anyone at anytime and they often come out of the blue. They can be a harrowing experience and you can be left in the dark, with no idea how to defend yourselves. A huge number of carers resign or do not foster again such is the impact of these procedures, many are left without pay and struggling financially, it can be a powerless feeling, and often you are accused of something you haven’t done.

Our support is different because the Alliance is the first truly independent non profit organisation solely for foster carers offering support and protection in allegations. We are paid for by our membership and not by Local Authorities or Agencies.

None of our Directors own other companies or have any conflict of interests in the fostering industry.

This independence allows us to truly support the foster carer and work exclusively for them.

Why choose our support

Our legal case work team at the Alliance consists of an already established and very successful foster care allegation team. A unique team in this industry. The team is headed up by Director and lead legal casework specialist Jane Collins LLB B.Ed QTS (Hons) who has a proven track record in successfully keeping carers in their careers and empowering them throughout the process.

Jane Collins and her team of highly qualified foster care casework specialists will work with you to establish the statutory basis for the allegation and the evidence each allegation is based on, they will make sure policy is strictly adhered to and outside bodies are utilised where necessary. The team will work closely, professionally and robustly with Local Authorities and Agencies on your behalf.