13/9/20: We are not currently accepting new members. We will be focusing on supporting our current members through these complex times with ever changing rules on education and lockdown. This decision will be reviewed in 4 to 6 weeks.

Protect your fostering jobs and careers by becoming a member today

Like most organisations, we can only assist you in an allegations, issues or concerns if you are already a paid member. We would love to help everyone but this rule is essential in order to be fair to our members and provide an excellent support network.

Enjoy access to a tried and tested casework team dedicated to protecting you in allegations.
Access to our helpline when dealing with fostering issues, as well as exciting discounts and reward schemes for foster carers.
Utilise Alliance training, created from the foster carers perspective, on allegations and other issues that affect your working lives.
Become part of the first truly independent,  non-profit platform campaigning for a central licensing body and foster carer’s rights.

Don’t wait till it's too late… join today starting at £10 per month for a single carer, or
£12 per month for a couple or fostering household.


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Please select below whether you would like cover as a singular carer or for a fostering household, and whether you would like to be charged on a monthly basis or once annually.
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Cover for a single carer.
Fostering Household
Cover for all adults in a household.

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